How to tie your hair with satin or grosgrain ribbon


Sometimes, the simplest is the best. Today I’m going to teach you how to tie your hair with a ribbon, it won’t be messed up all day.

hair ribbon

Material: Soft satin ribbon,grosgrain ribbon,organza ribbon or velvet ribbon.

1. Treat both ends of the ribbon with V-cut or diagonal cut, and seal the edges.

2. Use the rubber band to tie the girl's hair into a ponytail and thread the ribbon into one or more loops of rubber band.

3. Press the left side of the ribbon and cross the right side to tie a knot.

4. The left side of the tied knot should be at the top of the knot, bending the left side into a loop.

5. Holding the ring in one hand, wrap the right side around the front of the ring and then back to the back, taking care not to twist the ribbon.

6. Use your index finger to bend the side of the ribbon into a ring, and insert it into the ring on the left, and then gently pull the two rings to make them symmetrical.

ribbon hair bow

A simple ribbon hair bow like this is fastened.Do you want know more craft about DIY ribbon bow,welcome to contact us!

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