• How to identify the quality of 100% pure cotton ribbon

    Pure cotton ribbon​ is widely used in gift boxes, clothes, luggage and so on. Because of long-term contact, most people feel that they can judge the quality of pure cotton ribbon by virtue of experience and feeling. In fact, this method of judgment is incorrect. Want to know how to identify the quality of pure cotton ribbon?

  • How to distinguish the ribbon dyeing grade

    Color fastness is one of the important quality indicators of textile ribbon. The so-called color fastness refers to the degree of color retention of dyed textiles under physical and chemical action, that is, the fastness of the color of dyed textiles to external influences is called dye fastness. Based on the color change of the sample after the test, the evaluation level of the degree of staining of the white cloth indicates the color fastness.

  • Easter day ribbon and bow

    Easter Burlap Ribbon Rolls Wired Edge Spring Burlap Ribbons Bunny Carrot Truck Egg Flower Patterns for Easter Spring Wrapping Gifts Decoration Floral Bows Wreath.

  • DIY satin ribbon flower for holiday decoration

    This lovely ribbon flower will remind you of the flower you drew when you were a child-a lovely round flower in the middle of the circle of petals. These little flowers can be attached to hairpins or glued to greeting cards.

  • Ribbon materials for making Christmas decorative ribbon

    People ’s feelings for Christmas Day stem from people ’s hard work for the past year. After being printed and decorated with printed Christmas ribbons, Christmas trees, and lanterns, the festive atmosphere is more intense and emotional comfort is in place. Among so many Christmas decorations, the demand for printing Christmas ribbons is inevitable, so which raw materials can be used to make these Christmas ribbons before printing?

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