Ribbon Printing——Ink Printing

Ribbon Printing——Ink Printing

Today, print ribbons are becoming more popular on the market, with a beautiful appearance and a complex pattern. So, does the customer know how to print the printed ribbon when buying a printed webbing? Here, I will briefly introduce the steps of factory ribbon printing and printing, and give a general description of web printing to help you understand the printing steps of the factory....

  • Amazing!These Cutting Methods and Style for Ribbon, You Should Know!!

    With the development of society, ribbon is more and more widely used in all walks of life, including clothing industry, shoes and hats, bags, outdoor supplies, hanging belt, belt, handbag, car safety belt and other industries.Ribbon is widely used, on the ribbon processing equipment also requires a high degree of automation, beautiful effect requirements.So what are the ribbon cutting techniques and styles?Click on the article to find out more!

  • How to judge the quality of a ribbon?

    With the wide range of ribbon applications, polyester ribbon varieties are becoming more and more, a variety of polyester ribbon on the market to see us dazzling. So how to judge the quality of a ribbon?Quickly open this article to learn more!

  • New Year Holiday Notice

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