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  • 28-06-2022

    What is the difference between different ribbon materials

    The webbing produced by our factory can be waterproof, mildew-proof, sweat-proof, UV-resistant, etc. The appearance of the ribbon is fine and beautiful, and it is not easy to fall off.

  • 20-05-2022

    How to distinguish single face polyester ribbon and double face polyester ribbon

    Polyester ribbons have high yarn count density and feel delicate and smooth to the touch. They are divided into single-sided polyester ribbons and double-sided polyester ribbons during manufacture, but for both single-sided polyester ribbons and double-sided polyester ribbons.

  • 27-04-2022

    How to identify the quality of 100% pure cotton ribbon

    Pure cotton ribbon​ is widely used in gift boxes, clothes, luggage and so on. Because of long-term contact, most people feel that they can judge the quality of pure cotton ribbon by virtue of experience and feeling. In fact, this method of judgment is incorrect. Want to know how to identify the quality of pure cotton ribbon?

  • 21-10-2021

    How to distinguish the ribbon dyeing grade

    Color fastness is one of the important quality indicators of textile ribbon. The so-called color fastness refers to the degree of color retention of dyed textiles under physical and chemical action, that is, the fastness of the color of dyed textiles to external influences is called dye fastness. Based on the color change of the sample after the test, the evaluation level of the degree of staining of the white cloth indicates the color fastness.

  • 17-06-2021

    Easter day ribbon and bow

    Easter Burlap Ribbon Rolls Wired Edge Spring Burlap Ribbons Bunny Carrot Truck Egg Flower Patterns for Easter Spring Wrapping Gifts Decoration Floral Bows Wreath.

  • 24-12-2020

    What is the usage of Christmas ribbon bow?

    What can Christmas ribbon do? What is the use of ribbon bow?

  • 06-08-2020

    What is printed ribbon?

    What is printed ribbon? You also can call it as custom ribbon, personalized ribbon, ribbon printing, etc. As the name implies, it is to print different patterns or logos on ordinary plain color ribbons, such as cartoon patterns, peony flowers, roses, dot printed,animal printed,Chinese characters or English letter logos, etc.

  • 06-07-2020

    How to distinguish the ribbon?

    Those who know the ribbon, people who have been dealing with the ribbon for a long time can know what material and quality it is with a touch of the hand, but for those who are new to it, you may also need to learn some simple identification methods

  • 31-12-2019

    Ribbon color fastness

    Ribbon color fastness is very important for ribbon quality.How to produce a high quality ribbon?Come here to know more details.

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