What is printed ribbon?


With the development of the social and the improvement of people's aesthetic concepts, people's demand for ribbons is not limited to solid color ribbons, and printed ribbon has become popular in the market.

What is printed ribbon? You also can call it as custom ribbon, personalized ribbon, ribbon printing, etc. As the name implies, it is to print different patterns or logos on ordinary plain color ribbons, such as cartoon patterns, peony flowers, roses, dot printed,animal printed,Chinese characters or English letter logos, etc.

printed ribbon

And different patterns, according to the color or the complexity of the pattern, also need to use different printing processes, the common printing processes are as follows

Screen ink print,Flexble print,Rotary press ink print,Fold print(Gold/silver),Puff print,Screen ink & Eng-glitter print,Puff & foil(gold/silver),Screen ink & foil(gold/silver),Water based ink print,Heat transfer print,Screen ink & Glitter print,Place screen plastisol & foil print(gold/silver)...

personalized ribbon

So what kind of ribbon can be printed?The most common and hottest are satin ribbon and grosgrain ribbon.Of course,other ribbons such as organza ribbon,burlap ribbon,polyester cotton ribbon...now also popular for ribbon printing.

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