DIY satin ribbon flower for holiday decoration


This lovely ribbon flower will remind you of the flower you drew when you were a child-a lovely round flower in the middle of the circle of petals. These little flowers can be attached to hairpins or glued to greeting cards.

DIY satin ribbon flower

Please prepare:

✧ 3 ribbons of 90cm long and 10mm wide in different colors


✧Branding brush, lighter or overlocking fluid



✧Hot melt glue gun and glue stick

✧Any size buttons that match the color of the ribbon

1. Cut the ribbon of each color into 9 as shown below: Cut the ribbon of the first color into 9 9cm long ribbons, and cut the second color ribbon into 9 8cm long ribbons For the ribbon, the third color ribbon is cut into 9 6cm long ribbons. Seal the end.

satin ribbon flower

2. Stack 3 ribbons of different lengths together and arrange them from short to long, placing the longest at the bottom. Pass the threaded needle through the end of the ribbon strip, about 6mm from the edge. Do not pass the needle out, insert the needle into the other end of the shortest ribbon strip to form a teardrop-shaped ring.3. Pass the needle through the loop formed by the remaining two ribbons to get a complete petal shape.

ribbon flower for holiday decoration

4. The remaining ribbon is made according to steps 2 and 3, and after each petal is completed, move it from the needle to the line.

5. After the last petal is sewn, surround all the petals into a circle, and then tighten the thread. Sew a stitch at the last petal to tie the thread to the end.

DIY satin ribbon flower

6. Glue the last petal to the first petal at the bottom.

7. Glue a button in the middle.

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