How to make a beautiful ribbon bow with a ribbon


How to make a beautiful ribbon bow with a ribbon

Anyone who has bought a ribbon knows that the color styles of the ribbon can be applied to various industries such as clothing, printing and packaging. Then do you know how to make a beautiful bow with a ribbon? Let's take a look at the process of making a ribbon bow.

Main Material: Ribbon(satin ribbon,grosgrain ribbon,organza ribbon,velvet ribbon,printed ribbon...All ribbon type can make ribbon bow)

Tool: scissors,Sewing thread,Glue gun(if have)

Step 1: Choose a ribbon you want to cut to the appropriate length.

Step 2: Make the ribbon into the shape of the bow you want

Step 3: Tied the middle part with a sewing thread to prevent deformation

Step 4: Cut the end of the butterfly into the desired shape (fishtail, swallowtail, etc.)

In this way, a beautiful ribbon bow is made.

If you don't understand, you can refer to the video below. The ribbon we use is glitter grosgrain printed ribbon. 

In addition to the color and style of the picture, more styles are available for you to choose.

Mini grosgrain ribbon bow for underwear

ribbon bow

Satin ribbon bow

handmade ribbon bow

Satin ribbon bow for bottle decoration

how to make ribbon bow

Grosgrain ribbon bow for hair accessories

ribbon bow

The original homemade bow can be as simple as this, and you can make beautiful bows at home later. If you are interested in our webbing or bow, please feel free to contact us.

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