Applications of ribbon


Applications of ribbon

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Some people will ask what is ribbon, maybe a lot of people do not know what is it, you may not have paid attention to this aspect of things! In fact, ribbon in our life we can contact every day. "It can be seen everywhere, from the ribbons of gold MEDALS to the ribbons on the cake boxes that people eat on their birthdays." But when it comes to ribbon, many people don't know what it is. Carefully with friends to say, it may suddenly come to light, in fact, we have contact with every day.

Ribbon areas of application: widely used in fashion, casual wear, sportswear, women's clothing, women clothing, underwear, jeans clothing, men's, children's clothing, sweater, leather clothing, clothing, home textiles, sofa, shoes, gift packaging, cap, tags, badges, bags, Chinese knot, adornment, hang rope accessories, pet supplies, lighting, curtains, electronic products (headphone cord), environmental protection bags, auto supplies, bookmarks, hair accessories, jewelry, DIY manual embroidery industrial materials, Chinese traditional festivals, emotional tokens (gift), etc.

Ribbon for gift box wrapping and bottle decoration

Applications of ribbon

Ribbon for hair bow/hair accessories

ribbon materials

Ribbon for handmade ribbon flower

ribbon application

Ribbon for garment decoration/ribbon brooch/ribbon bow tie/underwear ribbon bow

Applications of ribbon

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